Powerful crystal statement jewelry.

Each design is fabricated by hand by designer Mallory B White.

Magical Adornments

  • Soft Soldered Jewelry

    These are made by using the Tiffany method of soft soldering using lead free nickel free solder and melting this metal over copper . Creating an organic and rustic finish.

  • Sterling Silver Jewelry

    I'm Super excited to offer Sterling Silver jewelry! These creations are made using the lost wax casting technique and are made by me in my home studio.

  • Sculpted Jewelry

    These talismans are made from a pro grade sculpting material and each and every piece is hand formed by designer Mallory B White. Every single one being truly one of a kind. 

  • Polymer Clay Earrings

    These earrings are made from Polymer Clay and are made by hand, some using cutters and some are sculpted by hand. Each one is durable yet lightweight!

  • Meet the artist

    Mallory B White  is the sole creator of the designs offered at The Dark Amethyst Moon . She has over 20 years experience as an artist in a variety of mediums. Her creative vision met her love of jewelry and crystal gemstones and in the early 2000s she began creating designs for herself. It wasn't until several years later in February of 2020 The Dark Amethyst Moon was born. 

    Mallory has created a community of people who find strength in her designs when they wear them. This was one of the goals when this brand was created, one of power and strength and to make the wearer feel invincible to face any battle ahead.  She also strives in blurring the lines of Fashion and Art with her unique organic hand formed designs.

    Mallory works with natural crystal gemstones from around the world and intuitively chooses which stones balance and harmonize each other while creating a design that makes a statement.  She gains inspiration from her time in nature and the beauty in people she sees around her.

    In her free time Mallory enjoys traveling with her wife, photographing their cats and spending time in nature.


  • Jewelry Care

    Please do not swim , shower, or excercise when wearing

    jewelry. Remove rings before washing your hands. Keep jewelry laying flat in a dry space in a soft pouch or jewelry box when not in use. When gettting up or bending please hold your necklace close to the body to avoid banging against anything. While strong crystals are still fragile.